I think this will be a model for the country because it is genuine, authentic, it is something that is home-grown and it is something that works. It gets the students excited and what’s even more exciting is it got our counselors excited about it.”
— Superintendent of Schools
I think this is a simple yet ingenious way to take a step back and critically examine the words the children around us are using to tell others how they feel, as they attempt to join in social interactions, or as they communicate with their peers.”
— Elementary School Counselor
Kids really enjoyed the Tacky Box Assembly! They have been enjoying pulling out their boxes and writing down their tacky words or phrases.”
— Second Grade Teacher
The Tacky Boxes work! The kids were involved and responding because they knew when the said something wrong!”
— First Grade Teacher
I heard this one little girl say: ‘You’re not supposed to use words like that .. you have to put that in your Tacky Box!’”
— Third Grade Teacher
Some of the students have even been taking their Tacky Boxes out from their backpacks and writing down words during their recess outside and encouraging each other not to use Tacky Words.”
— Third Grade Teacher
It is our opinion that the Tacky Box® materials will assist our educators in creating a kinder world and more respectful school culture by enabling students to correct their own inappropriate interactions with peers. We are excited about partnering with the Tacky Box organization to build a caring school climate and ultimately a more respectful society.”
— Director of Counseling Services
What we noticed was that our students really started to think about what they say before they say it, and think about their future and how they as people are viewed by others.”
— Elementary School Principal
I looked at students throughout the program and noticed they really connected with the characters and imagined themselves in those real-life situations.”
— Elementary School Assistant Principal
My students continue to use their Tacky Box as the appropriate time. I am so proud of them.”
— First Grade Teacher
As adults we often forget to remind students how to love one another, and instead pick on their downfalls. I am always looking for ways to implement a positive learning environment and model to children what it means to be kind. Tacky Box® was the perfect example for my children to use in everyday life, not just in school. Knowing that my children not only had fun but had also learned a valuable lesson made this teacher’s heart swell! I cannot wait to use Tacky Box® in my classroom again next year!”
— Elementary Team READ Instructor