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Partnership with Girl Scouts.

Healthy Relationships Patch Program

Tacky Box and Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas have joined forces! Together, we’re dedicated to equipping all kids with the mental health tools they need to foster healthy relationships and promote kindness through the “Healthy Relationships” patch program.

By implementing the Healthy Relationships Patch Program, schools create an environment where students not only choose kindness but also become advocates for positive change, transforming the fabric of their communities.

Ripple Maker: [rih-puhl / mey-ker] noun.

1. One who consciously chooses kindness over unkind behavior, influencing others to do the same.

2. Agents of positive change, creating ripples of kindness that spread through the community and beyond.

This transformative initiative empowers students and schools to:

Ignite Kindness
Foster a culture where kindness becomes a conscious choice, creating positive ripples of change within the school community.

Empower Students
Equip students with essential tools for social and emotional growth, promoting emotional resilience, empathy, and positive communication.

Healthy Relationships
Centered on the "Ripple Maker" patch, the program encourages students to actively engage in activities that build healthy relationships and contribute to a respectful environment.

Choice and Accountability
Through daily “Tacky Box Time,” students learn the power of choice, distinguishing between kind and tacky words/actions, fostering a deliberate pattern of respectful behavior.

Leadership Development Encourage children to embrace the role of a “Ripple Maker,” championing kindness, empathy, and Tacky Box principles within their schools and broader communities.

What Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas say about our partnership:

"The synergy between GSNETX and Tacky Box is profound. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. As we give access and opportunity to every girl, a partnership with Tacky Box gives us even more tools to support their social and emotional growth at a time when we’re seeing alarming rates of anxiety, sadness and underdeveloped emotional intelligence. The focus on kindness supports and accentuates the character development that every girl needs and our world requires. We look forward to introducing new girls and families to the power of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through this interactive and engaging partnership!"
Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO

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