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Watch how Tacky Box transforms the classroom climate


Bringing Tacky Box into a school district requires little involvement by school personnel.

The goal of Tacky Box is to revolutionize social emotional learning by offering a turnkey intervention direct to the student.  Tacky Box acknowledges that overwhelming requirements placed on teachers means there is little time in the school day to implement “another” program.

Tacky Box is a classroom management system that is launched with a Tacky Box led assembly featuring live professional theater offering students a positive, memorable lesson on the impact of their behavioral choices.  It is this power of choice paired with a hands-on tool (for every child) that clears the classroom of negativity, tattle-tailing and disrespect, allowing the teacher to create a successful learning environment. It helps builds empathy, positive mindsets and the creation of a more respectful culture in addition to the five CASEL core competencies:  self awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills and social awareness.



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Educators have played a key role in the development of Tacky Box in the classroom. This collaboration has been and continues to be so important to us that we closely partner with school counselors and teachers to ensure that the Tacky Box program is the most effective individual intervention for elementary students.

Tacky Box reaches every child.  It is the social emotional learning tool that transcends race and class, and opens up interventions to all  students. Additionally, it supports academic learning not only by reducing behavioral incidences but also by providing the child with a multi-sensory approach to learning through language arts, live theater, reading, music and art.

TACKY BOX is sequenced, active, focused, explicit (SAFE)

Sequenced: A logical step by step learning approach

Step One: Counselors distribute classroom books to teachers who read the story with students prior to the assembly. They also introduce Tacky Box to parents through instructional parent videos and handouts to encourage at home support.

Step Two: Tacky Box is brought to life in a fun, memorable way through an assembly featuring live professional theater. The performance engages the child’s senses and helps them understand how unkind words and actions make others feel. They are taught how to use the Tacky Box and they make a personal choice to focus on kindness.

Step Three: Once students have made the “magnificent choice” to be kind, much to their excitement, they are presented with their very own Tacky Box with notepad for classroom use. Students in grades 3 – 5 are presented with Tacky Box journals and their very own chapter book featuring Charlie, Miss Dot, and Cheshire the Cat

Step Four: Back in the classroom, students decorate their Tacky Box (or journal) to instill a sense of ownership and pride.

Step Five: Daily Tacky Box Time is implemented during morning announcements. Students practice their choice by taking a few moments to reflect on their day and write down or journal about tacky words or actions they might have demonstrated or experienced from others. The act of locking the pages in the box removes the behavior from the heart and mind.

Step Six: Counselors reinforce the message during Guidance Lessons focused on bullying and other behavioral traits.

Students use the Tacky Box every day through elementary school. Teachers integrate the tool into the academic curriculum through language arts, reading, music, and art.

active: learning new skills

  • Audience participation during the assembly on stage, through group song, a Q&A, and by asking students to make a personal choice.
  • Daily reflection and self-monitoring of individual behavior and the behavior of others.
  • Daily writing/journaling and locking up inappropriate behaviors identified during reflection.
  • Discussion with counselors during Tacky Box guidance lessons.
  • Reading in classroom through classroom books.


Tacky Box is an individual intervention laser focused on teaching students how to interact with one another in positive ways that has a macro impact of a more respectful school climate.


Tacky Box explicitly develops CASEL’s five core competencies, resulting in a decrease in referrals and an increase in instructional time:

  1. Self Awareness  
  2. Self Management
  3. Responsible decision making
  4. Relationship skills
  5. Social Awareness

We would like to take a moment to celebrate the school counseling profession.

Thank you school counselors for your partnership in bringing Tacky Box to your teachers, principals and students.  We are thankful for you!