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The Program:

Fostering emotional intelligence one box at a time.

Incorporating Tacky Box into daily school routines is seamless. It provides a straightforward approach to strong character development for each student, resulting in a positive climate and culture campus-wide.

The Tacky Box Program

  • Tacky Box for each student
  • Access to digital content:
    • Staff training video​
    • Max's Magnificent Choice PDF & animated read-aloud
    • "Tacky Box Time" show and companion guide
    • Audio/video countdown for daily Tacky Box Time
    • Teacher, counselor, principal & parent tip sheets
    • Supplemental lessons
  • Implementation/roll-out support
  • "Tacky Box Time" for staff: consultation with the Tacky Box team

Expected outcomes

When adopted with high fidelity:​
  • 63% proven reduction in behavioral incidents in classrooms
  • Positive school culture transformation
  • Enhanced campus climate scores

Step 1: Read The Book

Read Max’s Magnificent Choice to students one week before the assembly. Pre-assembly exposure is crucial for initiating cultural change and planting the seeds for students to think differently about their words and actions.

TIP: This book can complement your existing curriculum such as teaching theme, character development, setting, etc.

Step 2: Watch The Show

On assembly day, gather students to watch “Tacky Box Time!”. The live action and animated show encourages students to make positive choices with their words and actions, fostering a sense of unity and responsibility for creating change.

TIP: The assembly can include all students together or split into two separate assemblies depending on your scheduling and accommodations.

Step 3: Decorate A Tacky Box

Students receive and decorate their very own Tacky Box! As children decorate their Tacky Boxes, they embark on a personal journey of self-expression and emotional processing. They take ownership, making it uniquely theirs.

TIP: While students are in the assembly, a classroom volunteer or aide can set up materials in the classroom for their return.

Step 4: Daily Tacky Box Time

Incorporate 5 minutes of Tacky Box time into the daily routine. Children reflect on what they’ve seen, heard, or may have said or done, and then write down words and actions they deem “tacky” to lock up in their personal Tacky Box.

TIP: A school wide Tacky Box time is powerful, to do this, simply incorporate it at the end of morning announcements!

Want to see Tacky Box in action?

The Tacky Box Shop

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