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The Box:

Empower children to make a personal choice to be kind.

The physical Tacky Box provides children with a hands-on tool to become the person they want to be and create a more respectful culture.

The Box

We live in a world where children are undoubtedly exposed to people who act and behave in unkind and hurtful ways.

Tacky Box equips children with the skills to distinguish between what they want to repeat and what they don’t ever want to do, say, hear or see again. It encourages them to choose to be kind, match their words with their actions, and spread kindness throughout their community.

Light lift for teachers

The Pre-K through 5th grade Tacky Box® program features a children's book series and TV show that inspire children to choose kindness. Each child also receives their own personalized Tacky Box.
In schools, camps, and other group settings, Tacky Box kicks off with a fun assembly featuring the animated TV show "Tacky Box Time," based off of our beloved books.
The school-wide assembly is followed by daily Tacky Box Time, during which children reflect on what they’ve seen, heard, or may have said or done and then write down words and actions they deem “tacky” to lock up in their personal Tacky Box.
By writing down this behavior and locking it up in the Tacky Box®, children make a conscious choice to act in alignment with their values for the next 24 hours before repeating the ritual again during the next morning announcements.
This repetition develops self-reflection and self-regulation, which are both key building blocks to long-term success.

Created in partnership with educators

Requested by and co-created with counselors and teachers, this program offers a proactive solution to reduce behavioral incidences and improve climate and culture, beginning in Pre-K, and then being reinforced each year through elementary school.
Children learn through choice and repetition and the implementation of “Tacky Box Time” each day reinforces a child’s social-emotional learning and creates a conscious pattern of behavior that leads to a strong sense of self and a more respectful school climate.

Daily reinforcement

At its core, Tacky Box fosters good citizenship and influences positive behavior from a young age.
By reinforcing the program daily, Tacky Box changes a child’s classroom and an entire school’s culture by bending everyone’s actions and reactions toward kindness and connection.
By continuing the program each year throughout elementary school, students will become accustomed to reflecting on and carefully choosing how they want to interact with others.
One day at a time and one child at a time, Tacky Box is committed to supporting this generation in ushering in a kinder, more aware, and more respectful society.

Want to see Tacky Box in action?

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