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For Districts:

Transform your district, one Tacky Box at a time.

By the request of school district leadership

Instead of having to select only a few schools within the district to become Tacky Box campuses due to tight budgets, we now offer a licensing model that allows for district-wide implementation.
You can go DISTRICT WIDE with Tacky Box and impact every student!
Make Every Elementary School in Your District a Tacky Box Campus.
Budget constraints? No problem.

How it works

Each campus sources its own boxes, and you pay a lower licensing fee that gives each campus access to the Tacky Box online content library to implement the program.

Your all-access pass to the Tacky Box Digital Library:

Our digital library includes:
  • Staff training video
  • Digital copies of the book "Max’s Magnificent Choice"
  • An engaging, animated read-aloud, of the show "Tacky Box Time" for the kick-off assembly
  • Audio/video for Tacky Box Time (for daily morning announcements)
  • Supplemental activities
  • Tacky Box Time Companion Guide - a deeper dive into the three lessons of the show that counselors or teachers can choose to use to go deeper into the lessons and keep the Tacky Box program alive throughout the year
  • A parent letter, parent/teacher / counselor / principal tip sheets
  • Implementation best practices and planning checklist
  • AND MORE! 

Implement Tacky Box District-Wide

Our digital content library is evergreen. Tacky Box content is created at the request of educators to fill the needs that are happening in real-time on campuses and in classrooms. Transform classroom culture, campus culture, AND your entire district's culture!

By receiving funding for the digital content library, Tacky Box is able to produce high-quality content that the districts would not be able to afford without it. At the request of districts, we created a licensing model for Tacky Box that will allow us to reach more students.

Want to see Tacky Box in action?

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