Tacky Box creates a more respectful culture by encouraging conscious kindness

Tacky Box Case Study: Watch how Tacky Box is transforming behavior in schools

Our Mission

The Tacky Box® mission is to create systemic change in the way children treat each other.

Bullying is not going to go away unless you start teaching kids at a young age that the kinder way is the better way. Children are impressionable – their social-emotional learning is molded by the actions of those around them. If they see their peers making good choices, they are more likely to do the same. Tacky Box® offers the opportunity for children to make better decisions by disrupting the thought processes that can result in negative behavior.

“It is our opinion that the Tacky Box® materials will assist our educators in creating a kinder world and more respectful school culture by enabling students to correct their own inappropriate interactions with peers. We are excited about partnering with the Tacky Box organization to build a caring school climate and ultimately a more respectful society.”
— Director of Counseling Services, Dallas, TX

Kindness that works

  • Over 21,000 elementary children in Grades K-3 at over 20 elementary schools
  • 90% of students use their Tacky Boxes consistently*

  • 64% believe the behaviors and attitudes of their students improved as a result of Tacky Box.

  • 71% believe their students now think about what they are going to say before they say it.
  • 67% believe Tacky Box has changed the culture of their classroom for the better.

  • 100% of school counselors would like to continue using Tacky Box.

*At least once a week