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Tacky Box Interactive Classroom Set



Teach Children Words Matter!


Grades K-4 (ages 5-10)


67% of educators believe Tacky Box has changed the culture of their classroom for the better.



Classroom sets teach children to choose kindness over tacky language or behavior and includes:

  • 1 Book Margo’s or Max’s Magnificent Choice Book
  • 24 Authentic Wooden Tacky Boxes
  • 24 Special Notepads
  • 1 Instructional Packet for Classroom Implementation


All elements within the classroom set help facilitate a multi-sensory social and emotional learning (SEL) program that engages students to make conscious choices in the way they treat each other. Classroom sets may be purchased or sponsored and sent directly to the classroom.



Open the box and the learning begins! Ideal for students in grades K-4 (5-10 years old). Teachers are provided an instructional packet to help easily integrate Tacky Box into their academic curriculum. The award-winning book sets the stage, and the wooden Tacky Box reinforces the lesson tactically by encouraging students to first identify tacky words and actions they hear, see or repeat and then secondly making a choice to remove it from their hearts and their minds by writing it down and locking it up.


Shipping is included and sets can be sent directly to the classroom. If sponsored please provide details in the order notes so that we can include a handwritten note to the educator on your behalf.

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