Implementing Tacky Box in schools is a simple process

We strive to make it easy!

Bringing Tacky Box into a school district requires little involvement by school personnel.

  • Tacky Box works with the counseling department to determine the scope of the partnership i.e # of schools/ students.
  • Counselor, teacher and principal training takes place prior to kick off, led by the Tacky Box team.
  • One or more assemblies (300 student maximum) takes place at each participating school featuring a professional theater group who perform a live interpretation of the Tacky Box children’s books.
  • At the conclusion of the performance each child is presented with his or her own Tacky Box and note pad(K-3) or journal (4-5) for use in the classroom.
  • School counselors and teachers are provided with guidance lessons to help integrate Tacky Box into the academic curriculum
  • Every day, the school implements daily “Tacky Box Time” to help students develop a habit, ensuring maximum impact.

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