Tacky Box puts the power of kindness in a child's own hands


a multi-sensory program

The K-3 Tacky Box® program features a 32-page illustrated book for boys and girls, an authentic wooden Tacky Box and a special notepad for children to write down when they recognize tacky words and actions in themselves and in their peers. By writing down this behavior and locking it up in the Tacky Box®, children makes a conscious choice to remove it from their heart and their mind. In schools, the Tacky Box® program is accompanied by a kick-off assembly by professional actors featuring a live theatrical interpretation of the book.

Tacky Box®, in association with educators and psychologists in Texas, is currently finalizing a program that fits the needs of students in Grades 4-5.  This program will be rolled out in 2017.




Requested by counselors and teachers across the nation, this program offers a proactive solution to end bullying not only by tackling the issue at its root, but by tackling behavioral challenges as early as Kindergarten and repeatedly each year through elementary school. Children learn through choice and repetition and the implementation of “Tacky Box®Time” each day in school reinforces the child’s social-emotional learning and creates a conscious pattern of behavior that leads to a more respectful school climate




At its core Tacky Box® is about citizenship and how we can affect change through tackling behavioral challenges at a young age.  By reinforcing the program on a daily basis, we know that it will not only change a child’s classroom, but it will also change an entire school’s culture. By continuing the program through the child’s elementary year and into middle school, the concept that the kinder way is the better way will stick. By doing this, Tacky Box® has the ability to change a generation and encourage a more respectful society.

Bullying is a long-standing issue that the Texas Legislature has struggled to solve. The government hasn’t figured it out and the current solutions for bullying aren’t viable. Tacky Box® is the proactive, preventative solution.